PBT Friday morning one liners

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Goodbye and good luck, Joe Tait. More than Cleveland will miss you.

As the minutes of the big three go up in Miami in the playoffs, who gets squeezed out?

The cost of playoff tickets in New York is insane. But then again, the cost of everything in New York is insane.

San Diego State’s Kawhi Leonard is entering the draft. Lots of questions about fit from scouts, but they like his energy. Or, if you want to use the cliché, his motor.

Using Synergy — the video scouting service we love around these parts — to preview the Orlando Magic and Atlanta Hawks.

Celtics fans are wondering — is this the last run with this group?

The Sixers expect to have Lou Williams for the playoffs. They’ll need him.

The Bulls expect to have Ronnie Brewer for the playoffs. They don’t need him in the first round at all, frankly.

The FBI came by Trail Blazers practice to recruit Gerald Wallace.

How does the fine for Kobe’s gay slur compare to other NBA fines? It’s one-fifth as bad as snowboarding.

The Nets want to keep Kris Humphries around, and not just because of his girlfriend.

Is the sweet new Amway Center killing the Orlando home court advantage?

A view from Seattle of what is happening in Sacramento.