Deron Williams says he’d consider extension with Nets


New Jersey is in full on sales mode — they have to keep Deron Williams in house. They send out Derrick Favors, they made their bet that if they got D-Will to the team they could keep him and build around him.

That bet may pay off.

Williams can opt out of his current deal after next season, but tells the New York Post he would consider an extension to help the Nets move to Brooklyn.

“I like the organization a lot,’’ said Williams, who will be a free agent after next season, assuming a lockout doesn’t cancel the NBA’s 2011-12 campaign. “I like the direction it’s going. I could definitely see myself staying here.’’

Williams, who will be moving his family to New Jersey, said he’s open to signing a contract extension this offseason.

“I would like to not have the distraction (of looming free agency) during the season,’’ he said.

Keeping Williams is step one and he needs to at least say something like this to allow for step two, recruiting better players. Williams and GM Billy King (and owner Mikhail Prokhorov) wouldn’t be able to get else in if Williams is not locked down, or at least sounding like he’s going to stay.

But the Nets can’t start talking to Williams about an extension until after the lockout is over. Nor can they start recruiting other players before then. So it’s nice to hear, but….