How they win it all — path to the ring for the top seeds


Boston’s Glen Davis has a great name for it: The Campaign for Champagne.

This year more than any other in recent memory, the path to the championship seems open for a number of teams. The Lakers have the last two titles, but they are flawed, inconsistent and often bored. Boston and San Antonio are old, Chicago and Oklahoma City inexperienced. You can pick apart any contending team and say “this is why they can’t win it.”

But we are about optimism and light here at PBT. So we’re telling you why your favorite team can win it. What they have to do to get a title. Why you should have hope.

Because hope is the best of things.

Eastern Conference

Chicago Bulls

Boston Celtics

Miami Heat

Orlando Magic

Western Conference

San Antonio Spurs

Los Angeles Lakers

Dallas Mavericks

Oklahoma City Thunder