Chris Paul won’t rule out playing for Jordan in Charlotte


Chris Paul — who is eyeing a future outside the Big Easy — knows that rule No. 1 is not to cut off potential opportunities. No matter the likelihood.

With that in mind we bring you Chris Paul’s reaction to being asked by the Associated Press if he would return to his native North Carolina and the Bobcats.

“It would definitely be something to think about,” the New Orleans guard said Tuesday when asked about the potential to sign with the Jordan-owned Charlotte Bobcats in 2012. “But right now it’s all about trying to win a championship here with the Hornets….

“I’m one of those people who tries to stay in the moment,” the four-time All-Star point guard said.

What else was he going to say? Especially considering he wears the Jordan brand Nikes.

Remember how last season LeBron kept saying he had thought about playing everywhere and was open to whatever. Chris Paul (and Dwight Howard) would be smart to do the same thing. Keep your options open.

But because we have no idea what the new Collective Bargaining Agreement will look like, it’s impossible to really guess what kind of options those two will have.