Gregg Popovich no fan of that new-fangled three point line


We all knew Gregg Popovich was old school. We just didn’t know how old school

Like 1970s old school. Like Steve Martin doing King Tut on Saturday Night Live old school. Like The Who when they still had Keith Moon as their drummer old school. (Actually, that last one is not a bad school to be in.)

Popovich is no fan of the three-point line (which came into the league in 1979), he told the News-Express Spurs blog.

“I’m old-school, I wish there weren’t any threes,” Popovich said. “It would be more basketball-like to me.”

We should note — as does the Spurs blog — that this season’s Spurs revival would be going nowhere fast without the three.

Heading into the final two games of the season, the Spurs rank fourth in the NBA in 3-pointers made and first in accuracy (39.9 percent).

Two players have set career highs in 3-pointers made, Richard Jefferson (133) and George Hill (77). Manu Ginobili (154) needs three more to set a career best. Matt Bonner leads the league in 3-point accuracy (102 of 224, good for 45.5 percent), while Gary Neal has connected on 126 long balls, tops among rookies.

Popovich’s overarching theme for his team is noted — they need to get points in the paint to balance out those threes in the playoffs or the team is in trouble.

But his team knew that. This is a veteran bunch. Some of them may even remember Steve Martin doing King Tut on Saturday Night Live.