Don’t ask J.R. Smith about his minutes-played bonus


J. R. Smith’s got to be pretty happy with his season overall. He went from trade bait to a key contributor on one of the hottest teams in the league. He’s considered a leader on a relatively young team, and may be the X-factor that could help Denver to a first-round upset.

But he’s still going to be pretty ticked off.

HoopsHype reports that Smith will miss out on a $750,000 bonus for 2,000 minutes played and the team winning at least 42 games. The wins are assured. But Smith is going to miss it by 101 minutes. Smith would have made it had he not missed shootaround leading to him getting benched for several games.

So he was late for Shootaround and will miss out on three-quarters of a million dollars. How absolutely mind-boggling is that? Why would you not be on time for everything? I’d show up an hour early for everything. I get life gets in the way and it’s hard to maintain focus. But it’s $750,000 dollars! Think about how many tattoos that money could buy! Actually, J.R., don’t think about that. We don’t want to give you ideas and wind up with you having tats on your eyeballs.