Deron Williams to have wrist surgery, done for season


We knew he was playing through wrist pain since his trade to New Jersey, but it may have been worse than we knew.

Deron Williams will undergo right wrist surgery to remove bone fragments and scar tissue and is will be out the rest of the season, the team announced Friday.

He has had his moments playing through the pain — Williams had 21 assists and a game-winning shot this week against Minnesota. But the wrist pain dropped the career 46.3 percent shooter to just 34.9 percent since coming to the Nets. From three he shot just 27.1 percent when his career average is 35.5 percent. His PER with Utah was 22.1, but due to the wrist since coming to the Nets it is 17 (still above average but not the All-Star level we expect out of Williams).

He should be fully recovered for the start of next season. Whenever that is. Jordan Farmar will get the big minutes the last few games, so look for some pull-up threes.