Television lockout ads preview (not really, but you’ll laugh)


The lockout is coming July 1. We keep telling you so you will not be surprised. Know it is coming. No matter what you do it will arrive, it is an unstoppable force at this time.

Which means there are two fronts being played by both the owners and the players union: 1) At the negotiating table; 2) For the hearts and minds of basketball fans, the public opinion battle. (Which the players are going to lose, the players always lose that battle in any lockout. Fair or not.)

The gentlemen at The Basketball Jones have focused in on the second part of that, putting together potential advertising campaigns for both sides. If you’re not familiar with the issues, the first few commercials lay out both sides arguments pretty clearly. Then the TBJ boys take it places only they will go. Which is pretty dang funny.

Enjoy, but know there are some language in here some people will find offensive. Well, that and a murder. So if those things offend you do not push play. We warned you.

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