Their fans may but Spurs are not going to panic


For the first time since Tim Duncan came to San Antonio, the Spurs have lost five games in a row.

Right before the playoffs. In the season when it looked like they had found the fountain of youth, when they were back to being elite. The season maybe they could get one for the thumb.

So Spurs fans are freaking out a little bit. The Spurs, not so much, Manu Ginobili told the Spurs blog at the Express-News.

“I don’t think we’re in a crisis, or playing like crap,” Ginobili said. “We’re in a great situation. We’ve just got to keep fighting.”

A situation? The Celtics were in a situation, too? The Lakers are in a situation, just one that seems a bit more comfortable than the Spurs one.

The Spurs had their big three back and healthy last night, but tried to shake the rust off against a desperate and hungry Celtics team. They might have better luck Friday night, although the Rockets have been playing very well of late also.

Those footsteps are the Lakers 2.5 games back of the Spurs. San Antonio’s defense has not been its old self all year but the offense had made up for it, which may not be the best playoff strategy in the first place, but now even the offense looks flat.

However, a win or two and everything will seem just fine again. And the panic buttons can go away. For now.