Sacramento mayor will make final pitch to NBA owners


It will be one final, desperate plea from Sacramento that will fall on deaf ears. But it’s going to happen.

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson has been granted the chance to speak to the NBA Board of Governors — made up of the NBA owners — when they meet April 14-15 in New York, he said on his blog (via SB Nation Bay Area).

This means a couple of things: first, there’s still a little time left on the clock regarding our future with the Kings. Second, Sacramento means business when it comes to continuing our 25 year partnership with the NBA.

Johnson notes that Charlotte got to do the same thing a decade ago. Of course, Charlotte then turned around and got a brand new arena built (something Sacramento is working on but far from pulling off) and got an expansion team (the NBA is not expanding right now, David Stern said recently).

More importantly, Charlotte never has really warmed back up to the NBA as a city. It’s a team still struggling financially.

The owners are not going to tell one of their own to stay somewhere they are losing money. But former NBA star Johnson can make his pitch. It’s a good political move, if nothing else.