PBT Friday morning one liners


Denver’s Gary Forbes talks about living with diabetes.

Chris Webber ripped the Mavs and called them “soft” on the TNT broadcast after their loss to the Lakers Thursday.

Breaking down the Lakers improved defense of late, which dominated the Mavs last night.

The Sixers are making their playoff push and Evan Turner got a DNP-CD the other night. You can’t blame the Sixers for making that pick, Turner was the consensus second best player in the draft, but he has not adapted to the NBA game.

Which team will back into the eighth playoff spot in the East. The young Pacers or the injured Bobcats?

Dwyane Wade thinks people are “ always going to overlook and underlook what I do as a basketball player.”

The Oklahoma City Thunder are better when Serge Ibaka starts. Not shocking but we put it out there anyway.

Mike D’Antoni talks Knicks struggles.

Ike Diago apparently owns part of a gourmet popcorn franchise.