PBT Tuesday morning one liners


The big story in Philly: Lou Williams and some others Sixers went to the Lil’ Wayne concert Saturday night before a noon-tipoff Sunday against the Kings. And the Sixers lost and some fans are blaming the night out (even though Jrue Holiday went and played well). This is mostly about Williams off shooting day, and a lot more factors than a concert went into that.

Michael Redd was back on the court for the first time this season for the Bucks last night — he played 15 minutes, was 0-3 from the floor but had four assists.

In case you missed it, Dwight Howard picked up technical foul No. 17 last night. One more and he sits a second game as a punishment. He got the tech for protesting a borderline call on an offensive rebound — the first call is very debatable, but Howard has got to learn not to overreact and get those techs.

Snoop Dogg’s best Lakers lyrics.

Arte Moreno, the owner of baseball’s Angels, thinks bringing another professional sports team into the Southern California market would be oversaturation. I may not be a fan of the Kings move, but at least they would have Anaheim at the start of the name, not be the Los Angeles Royals of Anaheim, easily the worst name in sports.

Nene say he would love to play for the Heat. Of course he would. That is a very, very different thing then them being able to trade for him. And they can’t afford him as a free agent.

Doug Collins says the Heat are hardest to deal with when Bosh is at center and LeBron is the four.

The Rockets are playing great lately, doesn’t mean Rick Adelman is coming back as coach.

If the Lakers and Mavericks finished tied at the end of the season, the Lakers have the tiebreaker. The first tie breaker is if one team is a division winner, which the Lakers are and the Mavs likely will not be (unless the Spurs slump continues). Head-to-head is the second tie breaker in this case.

Man, Warriors fans are impatient.

Suns television voice Gary Bender is leaving the team at the end of the season.