Quote of the day: Van Gundy defends D’Antoni


“As a coach, you don’t worry about that stuff too much because it goes with the business and we all will face a lot of criticism at times. That’s the way it goes. The rest of us all know tha tMike’s a hell of a coach. In that profession, we all know how good Mike is. Anytime things aren’t going well, I don’t care what team it is, the first target is going to be the coach. Mike knows that, we all know that, when things are going bad. I’m sure Mike’s not too worried about it. He’s a great coach.”

– Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy, talking about embattled New York Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni. The Knicks have looked out of sorts both defensively and offensively since trading for Carmelo Anthony, and are currently on a six-game losing streak. If the Knicks don’t turn it around before the season ends, many believe that D’Antoni will be fired.