Coach K almost came to Lakers in 2004; will not now


Phil Jackson is going to walk away from the Lakers after this season, whether he makes it an even dozen rings or not.

Brian Shaw is your front-runner. He almost certainly will be the head coach for the Lakers next season.

But there will be rumors. Like Kurt Rambis (if he is let go in Minnesota). Like Byron Scott (who is rumored to have an out in his Cavaliers contract for the Lakers gig, even if it is hard to imagine the Cavs agreeing to that).

Like Mike Krzyzewski.

Not going to happen. Coach K told the Los Angeles Times:

“I’m good with where I’m at, I’m too old to do anything else.”

However, Krzyzewski told that he seriously considered it in 2004 (the last time Jackson walked away).

“I’ve never thought of ever leaving Duke for another school but there were three serious times where I almost left to go to the pros,” Krzyzewski said. “One was when Dave Gavitt took over the Celtics [in 1990], another was with the Trailblazers [in 1994] and the one that I took to a really far level was the Lakers situation. They were great with me. I just could not give up what I’ve done and gotten at Duke. It just wasn’t worth it.”

I’m not going to say Coach K would have been a perfect fit with the Lakers, but I will say it would have gone better than the Rudy Tomjanovich era. Short though it was. Kobe Bryant and Coach K are tight, he would have lobbied for and accepted him as coach. However, if one thing would have driven Krzyzewski back to college ball it would have been a team with Kwame Brown and Smush Parker as starters. So maybe it worked out best for everyone.