Having a Nitecap with Ron Artest by a Miami pool


NBC Miami has one of those shows you can only do at NBC Miami — Nitecap with Peter Bailey. Where a celebrity rolls up to a Miami pool after hours and just hangs with the host talking whatever for a few minutes, then hits the club.

Although, this is Ron Artest, so we’re sure he skipped the club and went back to his room to study game tape with Kobe… oh, no he went to the club. But he didn’t drink, so that is not why he shot 4-of-11 in the game against Miami.

As for the Nitecap, Artest talks a little Lakers, some about the evolution of his image, his push for mental health programs, and a lot of music, like how he wants to record with Queens guy Prodigy (this Prodigy, not The Prodigy, although that would be interesting, too).