Jason Kidd admits he might retire if there is a lockout


Father time has not been able to stop Jason Kidd. At 38 he has transformed his game, become one of the more deadly three-point shooters around, and he can still lead a team. He has said he wants to play until he’s 40.

But a lockout that wipes out all of next season could change that, Kidd told Marc Spears of Yahoo.

“This could be it because it would be hard to come back after a lockout,” Kidd told Yahoo! Sports. “I would probably move on and join the next chapter of what I would be doing in life. But I hope that isn’t the case where it just ended without having one more season.”

Kidd was old enough to have played in the lockout-shortened, 50-game 1998-99 season. That type of scenario he might be up for, but how his body would deal with it is another question.

“It’s just too much basketball, too short amount of time,” Kidd said. “I think this [Dallas] team would be fine because of our depth. But at the end of the day it becomes a sprint, not a marathon. Every game counts.

“It would be a great challenge, a fun challenge. In those types of circumstances, that’s what you hope the body and the mind are up for. I wouldn’t mind having that challenge, but I hope that’s not the case because there would be a lockout.”

Kidd might not be alone. Would Shaq, Steve Nash, Grant Hill and others return if a season is lost?

I hope we never find out the answer to that question.