Baseline to Baseline recaps: It’s raining threes in New York


What you missed while watching your bracket go up in flames….

Knicks 120, Grizzlies 99: This was an offensive showcase for the Knicks. They knocked down a franchise record 20 threes, led by Toney Douglas who had five in the first half and finished 9-of-12 from deep for the game. The Knicks scored at a 134 points per 100 possessions pace, they shot the lights out all game. The Grizzlies are a solid defensive team, but there are just nights when there is nothing you can do.

Bulls 84, Nets 73: New Jersey closed a 10-point deficit to tie it up midway through the fourth quarter. But then the Bulls clamped down on defense again and the Nets could not get clean look. While they struggled the Bulls were able to find room to get their shots off and started to pull away. Even when Deron Williams made a fantastic play — a sweet no-look backwards pass — to get Kris Humphries a wide-open 15 footer, the shot would not fall. So the Nets tried to press full court, the Bulls broke it easily and Kyle Korver gets a good look at a three (and he doesn’t miss a lot of shots like that). Ballgame. Also of note, Omer Asik got his first ever double-double 11 points, 16 rebounds.

That’s eight wins in a row for the Bulls.

Trail Blazers111, Cavaliers 70: This game was about as interesting as this score makes it look. It was a thumping. Gerald Wallace continues to fit in well and had 17 in this on 8-of-14 shooting, plus had six rebounds and six assists.