PBT St. Patrick’s Day/Thursday morning one liners


Rick Adelman is likely leaving the Rockets at the end of the season, and everybody is good with that.

Elton Brand tries to be understanding, but he didn’t really like Jalen Rose’s comments about Duke much either.

Great name for these Knicks: They are in the Melozoic era. Also fantastic breakdown of the mixed results from the team at Knickerblogger.

Jerry Reinsdorf says he is not “expecting” the Bulls to win four titles, but that there is a “chance.”

Rashard Lewis is meeting with another knee specialist.

Knicks owner James Dolan is an odd bird.

The Spurs love Lady Gaga. I just lost a little respect for them.

If you’re not having corned beef and cabage for dinner tonight, maybe you should try T.J. Ford’s encheladas.

The Sixers were not going to just let Blake Griffin have a breakaway dunk — they took him down hard. And Griffin bounced back up ready to fight.

Is the NBA a coach’s league?

Here is referee Bill Spooner’s biggest mistake — nobody knew about the tweet questioning his integrity until he filed a lawsuit, now everybody knows about it.

How exactly does Mike Miller fit in with the Heat?

Tyler Hansbrough, not done smacking Jim O’Brien around yet.