LeBron picks Ohio State to win NCAA tournament, not a bad call


So is this about being true to his roots or true to his brand? Or a little of both?

In a shock to nobody, the Ohio native is picking Ohio State to win the NCAA tournament, the Associated Press reports. James grew up a Buckeye’s fan. The team also wear’s his gear.

James also admitted college may not have been his thing, but the tournament would have been fun.

“If I could have not went to school all the way until March and then played in March Madness, then I would have done that. But I have no regrets not going to school,” James said Tuesday, before turning a bit and looking directly into a long row of television cameras that surrounded him. “Now, let’s play this when the kids are asleep. ‘Go to school, guys.’ I was just fortunate.”

Thing is, Ohio State has a legit shot at this thing. They are a No. 1 seed. A couple of our writers at NBC’s Beyond the Arc picked them to win it all. They have the best offense (points per 100 possessions) in college and a very good defense. They shoot the rock well. They don’t foul on defense. They could do this.

And you can bet LeBron is going to talk about it.