PBT Monday morning one liners


Time to fill out your NCAA brackets (mine should be shot by noon on Thursday, based on past years). Of course, you can fill out those brackets right here at NBCSports.com.

From the NY Daily News: If the Knicks are going to jack up ticket prices an average of 49 percent next season, they need to put a better product on the floor than the one that lost to the Pacers Sunday.

The San Antonio Spurs as the anti-Heat.

US Trade Representative (and soon to be Commerce Secretary) Ron Kirk’s ideal job? NBA Commissioner.

Grant Hill isn’t a doctor, but he plays one in the locker room.

A detailed breakdown of the East’s playoff picture.

Dwyane Wade won his custody battle with his ex-wife. However, this divorce/custody battle has been so ugly fo so long I expect its to continue.

Luis Scola is listed as doubtful for Houston’s big game Monday against Phoenix. Both teams need this one to stay close in the playoff hunt.

The Washington Wizards want to be the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Pacers’ Danny Granger missed Sunday’s win over the Knicks because of the flu, according to the team. And no, the Pacers are not better without him.

An update on a potential Kings move to Anaheim, which continues to gain momentum.