Kevin Love’s double-double streak comes to an end at 53


The last time Kevin Love didn’t register a double-double? You were still dreaming about Thanksgiving dinner. It was Nov. 19 of last year.

But as part of an anemic Timberwolves offensive performance against Golden State, Love ended up with just 6 points on 1-of-6 shooting and his double-double streak ended at 53. The Warriors David Lee deserves some of the credit/blame for the end of the streak, but mostly it was just Love having a night where his shot did not fall.

That’s still the longest double-double streak since the NBA/ABA merger. It’s a staggering number. It’s an accomplishment to be celebrated.

Love averaged 21.8 points and 16.3 rebounds during the stretch and had three games of at least 30 points and 20 rebounds (according to ESPN research). Love remains the best rebounder in the league this season pulling down 23.8 percent of the available rebounds when he is on the floor. (Marcus Camby and Reggie Evans have higher percentages but both have missed numerous games due to injury.)

After the game Love tweeted:

“All good things come to an end, I appreciate everyone sending their love regarding the streak.

But with that said…why not start another one on Wednesday?”