Carlos Boozer likely out Tuesday, back later in week


Carlos Boozer is a cagey veteran, he’d not going to get pinned down into some timeline of when he will come back from a sprained ankle then have to face questions when he doesn’t meet said deadline. Call it Andrew Bynum syndrome.

So while Coach Tom Thibodeau was saying he expected Boozer back “probably within the week,” the man himself was much more vague when talking to friend of the blog Aggrey Sam of CSN Chicago.

“Getting better every day. Today was a little better than yesterday and I’m seeing good improvement, so I’m happy with that,” said Boozer after Monday’s practice at the Berto Center. “When my ankle’s ready I’ll be back, but our team is playing great.”

“I’ve got to work on my landing, huh? Bad landing, but thank God it’s just my ankle and it’s getting better, so hopefully I’ll be back very soon,” he quipped when discussing the injury—he termed the flagrant foul by Bobcats center Kwame Brown that caused it a “basketball play”—with reporters. “It’s still swollen, but it’ll get down. The pain will go away at some point.”

What does that mean? Don’t expect him Tuesday against the Wizards. Thursday against the Nets or Friday against the Pacers seems more likely. But officially Boozer is still day-to-day.

Boozer injured his ankle on a hard foul by the Bobcats Kwame Brown. Chicago has gone 2-0 without Boozer, thanks in part to good play from Kurt Thomas.