Jordan reflects on ’91 championship team, and sees same future for Rose’s Bulls


The Chicago Bulls celebrated the 20th anniversary of the 1991 championship team Saturday night. Looking back on it, you could tell Michael Jordan still wishes he was living in that time when the world was his. It’ll always be that way for Jordan, looking back on when his body enabled him to dominate every living being at the sport he loved. But the team was worth remembering, the first of the most prolific dynasty in the sport’s history, and it’s not like this sport’s lacking for prolific dynasties.  It was a moment to bask in a great year in Chicago Bulls’ history, the start of something incredible.

Jordan did take time to talk about this current Bulls team, though, and the review from the Greatest is pretty favorable. Take a look, courtesy of CSN Chicago.

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So no pressure, there, Derrick. But the greatest of all time thinks you’re the MVP and that your current core has a shot at six, count ’em, six titles. Enjoy that.

(Brief aside: Here’s a great opportunity to compare LeBron James and Derrick Rose. LeBron James holds a stage-smoke-filled press conference with his buddies and says they play on winning multiple championships. Rose has the greatest of all time say the same about him at a celebration of actually winning the first of six titles.)

With the Bulls moving into a tie with the idle Celtics for the top seed in the East, the possibility of a title this season is becoming more and more feasible. But Carlos Boozer isn’t Scottie Pippen, and Luol Deng isn’t Dennis Rodman. Rose, though? He’s definitely showing he’s got the ability to be the best player of his time, and that could very well be enough to win a title.