PBT Friday morning one liners


Fantastic blog post at Magic Basketball about measuring teams against expectation and narrative.

Dwyane Wade surprised the Lakers and Kobe Bryant by going away from screen at a key point last night. Except he does that a lot.

Stephen Jackson says he’ll play Friday. OF course, he said that a couple days ago and it turned out that he didn’t play. But this time he really means it.

Philadelphia’s offense is a thing of beauty.

When Carmelo Anthony sank the game winning shot against the Grizzlies two nights ago, he turned around to the Memphis bench and said “I do this.”

Blake Griffin would love to have an Olympic roster spot for 2012, but he’s a longshot.

Danilo Gallinari may not be the best defender ever.

Watch Devin Harris travel.

Kevin Love was a dominant Little League player, too.

How bad are the Pacers right now? In their five game losing streak they have had the lead just 3.4 percent of game time. And yet, they are still you eighth seed in the East because nobody can pass them.

Drew Gooden wants to return to the Bucks this season.

Is Antonio McDyess a permanent part of the Spurs starting lineup again? Is he older than dirt?

Mark Cuban does not think his team is soft.