Phil Jackson no fan of Heat’s “Xbox” style of play


Because it wouldn’t be a big game for the Lakers if Phil Jackson didn’t take one last dig at the opponent…

In the pregame media gathering in Miami, Jackson said he was not really a fan of the “Xbox games or whatever those games are when you play 1-on-1” offense style that Erik Spoelstra put together and the Miami Heat play, Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register reports.

“I’m not a big fan of the style Miami plays. I like to see everybody involved.”

Um, that offense ripped the Lakers defense up pretty good on Christmas, didn’t it Phil?

“They moved the ball very well and got everybody involved,” said Jackson.

Not sure the already desperate Heat needed any more motivation for this game, but there you go. Phil Jackson can’t pass up lobbing verbal hand grenades into other team’s locker rooms.