Mikhail Prokhorov’s sales job on Deron Williams begins

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Job one: get superstar player to start building around. Check.

Job two: Convince said superstar to sign extension (and lure other stars to team).

Working on it.

Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov has traded for Deron Williams, but keeping him is another matter. So, he flew him to London (with the rest of the team) and has started his sales pitch, according to ESPNNewYork.

“We had a chat with him in San Antonio, just 10 or 15 minutes, and I feel he likes the idea of the organization, of the Nets. We are not in a rush. We have one and a half years to make a really good team and then go on and win a championship, because that is our one goal.

“We only had a 10-minute chat after the game and he was really tired. I think we will meet here in London for a more substantial meeting, for a global discussion. For me, it is very interesting, the reaction of an All-Star player, what he is feeling about what is going on in the global world. I have one approach, maybe he feels something different.

“But from that first meeting, we have a lot in common. He wants to be No. 1, we want to be No. 1. We are on the same page. That is very important.”

Selling D-Will on staying is not like selling off the Glengarry Glen Ross leads. Really, it’s pretty simple — Williams is one of the more competitive guys in the league. It’s about winning. He realizes his window is now. Convince him the Nets will become contenders fast and he stays.

Talking with him about it is the first step. But it’s going to take more actions than words.