Earl Monroe says Carmelo Anthony can wear No. 15 if he wants

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When PBT talked to him last week, Knicks legend Earl “The Pearl” Monroe was raving about these New York Knicks. He likes what he sees. He likes what Carmelo Anthony brings.

And if Anthony wants to unretired Monroe’s No. 15 jersey, Monroe is good with that, he told the New York Post.

Anthony wears No. 7 because the No. 15 jersey he wore in Denver for seven seasons (and one at Syracuse) had been retired by the Knicks not once, but twice.

Monroe’s 15 was retired in 1986 and again for Dick McGuire in 1992. McGuire passed away last year.

“[Carmelo] talked to me on the podium after the press conference and I told him I’m fine with it but he’d have to ask the McGuires,” Monroe told The Post. “Fifteen, it’s just a number to me. I’d be honored if he wore it.”

If a player wants to wear a new jersey number next season he has to apply by March 1 to the league. Anthony did not meet that deadline. So he will be No. 7 next year.

The Knicks would probably be good with him switching numbers in a few years. Right now his No. 7 jersey merchandise is flying off the shelves at Madison Square Garden. A number change in a couple years and people have to buy all new stuff again… nah, nobody would ever be that crass at marketing. Right Kobe?