Derrick Rose says he did pitch LeBron last summer


I know, I know. We’re all trying to move on forget the Summer or LeBron ever happened, just like we’re trying to forget that night we broke out the bottle of Mescal. Best if it just isn’t discussed anymore.

But Derrick Rose wants to make it clear that he did, too, reach out to LeBron. There were reports this summer Rose didn’t really want LeBron to come to Chicago, but Rose told Sports Illustrated (via ESPNChicago) that is not true.

In a Sports Illustrated article out this week, Rose remembers the message reading: “I’m just hitting you up to kill all the rumors that I don’t want to play with you. I’d like to play with you. I just want to win.”

Of course, in the same article Rose’s own brother undercuts him.

“He always told me he didn’t want to be on one of those stacked teams,” Rose’s brother Reggie told the magazine. “He wanted to be with an underdog.”

Maybe Rose made his pitch but too late into the game. Whatever. It’s kind of moot now. We all need to just move on. But we’re letting Rose say he tried.