PBT Friday Morning One Liners


So remember how everybody around the league said this was going to be a slow trading deadline….

Danny Ainge spins that his deadline deal helps the Celtics win now.

Baron Davis and Byron Scott are friends now. Everything is good. Nothing to worry about there. Nope. Can’t see any problems.

How the O.J. Mayo to Indiana deal didn’t get done in time for the trade deadline (Indiana wanted a third team in the mix).

After years of the disaster that was the Chris Cohan ownership of the Warriors, there are already calls that Joe Lacob isn’t living up to expectations? Wow, tough crowd. We should note the team is improved this season.

The Warriors re-signed forward Jeff Adrien from the D-League for a 10-day contract.

The Clippers front office is not just going to sit around and wait fr the team to get better, they want some veterans to go around that young core (not that Baron Davis veteran, though).

We mentioned it yesterday: Things do not look good for the Kings staying in Sacramento. And that sucks.

Carmelo Anthony talks about coming to New York and fitting in with Amar’e. Of course, it’s all puppy dogs and rainbows. Right now.

Billy King talks about the Deron Williams trade.