League to blast horn to speed up games


The NBA wants to speed up its games a little, and since it can’t get Amir Johnson and DeMarcus Cousins to stop fouling so much it has come up with another plan.

The league’s scoreboard operators have been instructed to blast the in arena horn just before the end of timeouts and breaks in periods in an effort to get players back out on the court more quickly.

The league feels that coaches were dragging out the breaks then players were meandering out on the court to get ready to play after timeouts and between quarters. So the league is going to trim a few seconds here and there.

Most NBA games take a little longer than two hours, although a number of factors — including how competitive a game is at the end — go into determing its length.

But if you’re headed out to games, be ready for the horn. Because that’s going to solve all the problems.