Tyreke Evans out at least three weeks after foot procedure


You know that shock-wave thing your uncle had to break up his kidney stones a decade ago? That’s pretty much what Tyreke Evans had done to his left foot today.

And that’s going to keep him out at least three more weeks, according to a tweet from Marc Spears at Yahoo.

Evans has been battling plantar fasciitis in his left foot all season. Back around Christmas he considered having this procedure, but decided not to play through it.

Thing is, the only real cure for this is condition is rest. Good luck getting during the season. Even with missing a couple games and then the All-Star break, Evans foot still bothered him too much to play. So he had another MRI and met with a doctor in Los Angeles Tuesday.

That’s when he got the treatment, called corporeal shockwave treatment. He will be evaluated again in three weeks, but he could be out longer.

There’s disagreement in the medical community about whether or not corporeal shockwave treatments work. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and Evans foot was enough of a pain — literally — for him to try this.