If Melo goes to Knicks, Nuggets and Nets may do deal anyway

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With all the talking the Nets and Nuggets have done in the last few months, it seems only just that they should do some kind of trade anyway.

According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard (via twitter), the two sides would make a deal using the Knicks assets in a separate deal.

Sources say NJ in talks w/Den to send 2 1st round picks to Den for Mozgov & either Gallinari, Chandler or Felton, if Melo traded to NYK

This explains why the Nuggets are insistent that Timofey Mozgov be part of their Carmelo Anthony deal with the Knicks.

As much as the Nuggets coveted Favors, what always swung them to prefer the Nets offerings over the Knicks was the picks. Denver is going to be going into rebuilding mode, so the more first round picks the better (plus it helps keep costs down.

Anthony is expected to decide if he will sign an extension with the Nets today. Which is to say he is choosing where he wants to play by the end of the week.

But either way, look for Denver ad New Jersey to do a deal.