Curry wins the skills competition


The Skills competition has been a part of NBA All-Star weekend, but it’s still not entirely sure what it actually measures. Each player gets through the dribble course in about the same amount of time, and there’s only one mid-range jump shot, so most of the competition is decided by each player’s ability to pass the ball through a relatively small hole.

Since court vision is far more important than the ability to actually make physical passes, and most players can catch passes that are thrown several inches off target, the skills competition doesn’t seem to be a particularly accurate representation of how skilled these players are, but it’s the best thing we have at this time.

In any case, Steph Curry was the winner on Saturday. The second-year Golden State guard got into the finals with a time of 34.1 seconds, and dominated Russell Westbrook in the finals when he missed only one pass and no jump shots en route to a blistering final time of 28.2 seconds. Curry finished his first run with an emphatic dunk, and softly set the ball through the hoop at the end of his finals run. We all knew Curry was one of the most skilled players in the NBA — now we have proof. Or something.