Video: Christian Eyenga rocks the rim, Lakers

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One play cannot sum up why the Cavaliers beat the Lakers Wednesday night, but this is pretty close.

Notice how hard Christian Eyenga is going to the rim. He want’s it. It’s been on-and-off in recent games, but there are nights the Cavaliers bring real energy and attack.

Also watch Kobe Bryant get beat on the perimeter like he wasn’t there after making a late closeout to the ball — all night long Lakers perimeter defenders were getting torched (see Ramon Session’s 32 points). Watch Pau Gasol’s late and half-hearted defensive rotation. If you want excuses this was the fifth game is seven days for an older Lakers team that needs its rest, and it was the last game before the All-Star break and the last game of their road trip, so they took a mental vacation. Whatever. They didn’t show up and they got embarrassed.

Especially on this play, because Eyenga threw it down like a man. This is a fun highlight, but more than that this kid can flat out play.