Pistons want to bring Tracy McGrady back for another season


It’s time. And I’m man enough to admit it.

I was wrong about Tracy McGrady.

I thought time had passed him by, his knees were Jello and teams should treat him like he had leprosy. But he’s turned out to be a solid, smart veteran who knows how to run a team. His knees may have robbed us of the high-flying McGrady of a decade ago — the guy who threw passes off the backboard to himself for a dunk — but his quality play at the point earned him a starting spot, which slid Rodney Stuckey over to the two and the Pistons have been better for it.

GM Joe Dumars told Pistons.com he’d like to bring McGrady back.

Tracy has been extremely good for us here. And we would like to go forward with him. We really like his play on the floor. But also, just as importantly, we like the person that he is. We like the leadership that he brings. We like the veteran, professional approach that he brings. We like all of those things about Tracy. We would like to go forward with him.

McGrady and Stuckey are free agents next summer (or whenever free agency happens after the lockout). Because of ownership being in flux for the Pistons, it is impossible to say what Dumars marching orders will be. Maybe he’s encouraged to bring McGrady back, or maybe he’s told to go young and rebuild.

Either way, McGrady has earned another season of an NBA paycheck next year. He’s proved me wrong. Good on him.