Curry, Wall, Rose, Westbrook voted by fans into Skills Challenge


Once again NBA fans, you have some good taste. Tony Parker may not think so, but I do. And really, whose opinion do you care about more? Don’t answer that.

Fan votes got to decide who was going to compete against Chris Paul in the NBA All-Star Skills Challenge Saturday night.

You all chose Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors), Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls), John Wall (Washington Wizards) and Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder), the league announced. Four solid choices. I actually am interested to see who is faster on the dribble: Rose, Westbrook or Wall.

Who got left out? Tyreke Evans (who is hurt anyway and couldn’t have competed), Baron Davis, Derek Fisher (maybe it should have been Ramon Sessions on the list instead) and Tony Parker. Parker is really the only guy you could make a serious case for, but I’m not going to. I’m good with the choices.

What is the skills competition? You watch players dribble around cones, pass through targets and generally run drills. Thrilling, huh? Best part is they put it on national television.