Delonte West may return to Celtics lineup Wednesday… or not


UPDATE 2:09 pm: West got hit on his surgically repaired wrist during Tuesday’s Celtics practice, hard enough that the team has taken him for X-rays, according to a tweet by Chris Forsberg of ESPNBoston. Those likely will turn out to be nothing serious, but it might be enough to keep him out of the lineup Wednesday.

Apparently this blog is working on a new Sports Illustrated cover-like jinx.

10:13 am: When he broke his wrist and needed surgery to put pins in to stabilize it, it was thought Delonte West was done for the season.

He has made it back before the All-Star break.

He will play Wednesday, Doc Rivers told ESPNBoston.

“Delonte’s going to play,” said Rivers. “The only thing is, obviously, if [Tuesday] he goes through the practice and it gets sore, and then we’ll pull him. Because, if it’s to a point where it’s not right, I’m not going to play him.”

“[West’s timing and stamina] will not be right [immediately],” said Rivers. “That’s why it’d be great to get him one game, so when we go out west, he’s already had the one game out of the way. He’ll also understand how far he is away, probably, with timing and stamina and it’ll give him a gauge on how much he has to work.”

Boston could use to get someone healthy. They’ve gone through a rash of injuries — Shaq, Jermaine O’Neal, Marquis Daniels — and getting West back will give the Celtics some more backcourt depth.