Rick Adelman thinking about retirement as the guard seems to be changing


Jerry Sloan walked away. At the end of the Lakers season, Phil Jackson is headed to Montana and his ranch. Larry Brown is without a job.

Then there is Rick Adelman, who was drafted into the NBA in 1968 to play for the then San Diego Rockets. It’s now 43 years later and Adelman is still in the league.

And in the wake of what happened last week with Sloan, Adelman admitted he and his wife have discussed him stepping away when his contract is up at the end of this season, as he told the Houston Chronicle.

“We will talk about it this year, more seriously, and decide what do I really want to do in the future?” said Adelman, who has been in the league since he was drafted by the San Diego Rockets in 1968. “I think you think about it when you get to this many years in the league.

“Let’s be frank, it’s been really disappointing the last two years with the injuries. Then when you think you have something going …”

There seems to be a changing of the guard with coaches, as a certain generation is stepping away. Don Nelson, Sloan, Jackson, Larry Brown, soon maybe Adelman. Older coaches stepping away and a younger generation stepping in. And hopefully they learned a few things from those old guys.