Something strange is going on in Utah. What? No idea yet.

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Interesting developments out of Utah after the loss to the Bulls last night, which means we have one eye on Salt Lake City today.

Jerry Sloan, usually one of the fastest coaches to the post-game media interview, was more than 30 minutes late and appeared “shaken” when he arrived, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

When asked about it Sloan said he, General Manager Kevin O’Connor and the rest of the staff had a post-game meeting but would not go into details. You can read his quotes on the topic here, but he is just polite and dancing around the topic. He said the media would be informed Thursday of what was discussed.

Then, Jazz practice was cancelled for Thursday.

Then Andrei Kirilenko was seen coming out of the coach’s office area, not the locker room.

Anything I say after that would be speculation that I’m going to avoid. I will add this, Sloan recently signed his extension to coach the team next season.