Kevin Love got away with one Tuesday night


Kevin Love, he of the Wes Unseld-like outlet passes, picked up a sweet length-of-the-court assist last night. Thing of beauty. Check it out.

But it was a rules violation.

Watch it again. Love never comes out of bounds after grabbing the ball (following a made shot), he just gets one foot out of bounds and hurls it. It led to a twitter discussion last night with friend-of-the-site Brett Pollakoff questioning if that was legal.

Zach Lowe at Sports Illustrated’s Point Forward called the league today and, no. Should have been called back. Here is the relevant part of the NBA rulebook on inbounds passes.

“Until the passed ball has crossed the plane of the boundary, no player shall have any part of his person over the boundary line.”

No way Love did that.

But that may be the most violated rule in the NBA rulebook. (Go ahead an insert your traveling joke here, if you must.) Guys are over that line, not taking the ball all the way out and a host of other violations nightly.

But after this, don’t be shocked if there is a sudden crackdown. As for now, Love gets a sweet assists.