David Stern is trying to make sure Knicks keep Donnie Walsh


Three years ago, it was NBA Commissioner David Stern who helped guide Donnie Walsh to the New York Knicks. The franchise needed a stable… no, it needed a sane hand at the helm.

Walsh hasn’t been perfect, but he has changed the direction of the franchise. He got the payroll under control, started building with youth and got Amar’e Stoudemire to commit to come (after missing out on some other guy). Is he the guy that can take the Knicks to the next level? Who knows. But he pulled them out of the seemingly bottomless pit of bad decisions — on and off the court — they were in. I say that earns you a chance to finish the job.

But I don’t make the decision, Knicks owner James Dolan does. And he has yet to exercise the fourth year option on Walsh’s contract (he has until April 30).

So Stern is stepping in again, according to the New York Post. The commissioner is urging Dolan to stay the course.

Dolan is also getting advice from Isiah Thomas, who Dolan is still tight with. Personally, if a guy cost me $11.6 million in a sexual harassment lawsuit, it would put a serious strain on our friendship. But as I said, I’m not James Dolan.

And even David Stern may not be able to change his mind.