Carlos Boozer to be enemy No. 1 in return to Utah Wednesday

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No, they will not be saying Booooooozer.

Fans at Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City are going to unleash their venom on Carlos Boozer as he returns as a member of the Bulls to take on the Jazz Wednesday night. Boozer said it’s not going to bother him.

“It’s all Booooz to me,” he said in a video at

Utah fans can be tough on those they feel betrayed them.

The most obvious example was Derek Fisher, where Jazz fans felt he used his daughter’s eye condition to get out of a contract so he could return to the Lakers. Fans booed him and as covered one eye with their hands, Scott Howard-Cooper reminded us at

Boozer had a lot of success in Utah, now he’s having more in Chicago. It is different — better? — winning in a crazy sports town like Chicago?

“Winning is winning. I’ll take winning anywhere,” Boozer told ProBasketballTalk.

The game itself is interesting as well — Chicago has lost two in a row and wants to get itself righted to try and keep pace with Miami and Boston on top of the East. Utah is in worse shape, having gone 4-6 in their last 10 as they have gotten great games out of Deron Williams and good ones out of Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap, but not much out of the rest of the roster (AK-47 as been good when healthy, to be fair).

But at least at the start, the play on the court will take a back seat to the venom off it.