Rockets, Knicks talking Aaron Brooks deal. Or not.


Consider these Aaron Brooks trade rumors a case study in sources.

We’ll start with this: The New York Knicks need a backup point guard behind Raymond Felton. Toney Douglas has some skills but does not seem a point guard fit in the Knicks up-tempo style.

In Houston, Aaron Brooks is coming off the bench and is not liking it, leading to him walking off the court and getting suspended a game.

Watch as Alan Hahn at Newsday connects those dots.

A source with knowledge of the situation said the Rockets “are going to try hard” to move Brooks before the Feb. 24 trade deadline. A separate source confirmed that the Knicks are interested.

So the Knicks are trying to work out a… not so fast.

In Houston, they say there is no such trade talk, just ask Jonathan Feigen at the Houston Chronicle.

According to two individuals with knowledge of the Rockets’ thinking, the Rockets are not mulling a deal because so far there is not one to consider, and the Rockets are not looking to dump Brooks. Not even close.

He could be moved by the deadline, which has been true for most of the Rockets roster since Yao Ming started limping Nov. 10, long before Brooks stalked off the floor on Saturday. The Rockets, however, are not in talks to deal him and really don’t want to.

Here are your questions: Do the Rockets really want to move Brooks? (Probably for the right deal.) Do the Knicks want Brooks? (Heck yes.)

So do you say you’re not looking to trade him to give you leverage in talks, make the Knicks up their offer? Well, that would be the smart thing to do.