Minnesota likely to trade Corey Brewer, ‘Melo deal or not


Corey Brewer is the latest in a long and proud line of players to have his name dragged into the Carmelo Anthony trade talks. Really, it’s almost a right of passage in the NBA at this point everyone has done it.

Except that if this ‘Melo deal fall through, too, Brewer is still likely to get traded, according to Jerry Zgoda at the Star Tribune.

Expect the Wolves to try to trade him by the Feb. 24 deadline. They’re looking to get something of value for a guy it sure seems like they’ve decided isn’t part of their future, not after not talking contract extension with him last fall.

Right now any other talks are likely on hold as the latest ‘Melodrama plays out. We don’t know where you’ll be in a couple weeks, but Corey it’s safe to start packing your bags.