Stephen Jackson is not changing just because of your little fines

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Stephen Jackson has lost $172,000 this season in fines and unpaid salary for his 11 technicals and one suspension. That is supposed to be a deterrent.

Jackson laughs at your deterrent. And he is going to keep berating refs for their lousy calls, as he told the Associated Press.

“No, I get techs because I want to. I don’t care,” Jackson said Sunday. “I’m not getting techs for no reason. It happens….

“My reputation is the main reason why a lot of things don’t go my way on the court,” Jackson said. “I can’t really pout about it and complain about it. I know I put myself in those situations. I went in the stands. I had those incidents off the court and I’ve got to be responsible for them. I just have to be professional and try to get through it.”

If he doesn’t mind the fines, he can keep arguing and paying. But the margin of error for the Bobcats is small, they are fighting for a playoff spot, so as he lags behind plays at times arguing calls he’s hurting the team.

But I’m an old-school fool that way. And if you’re defiant in the face of $172K in fines and Michael Jordan yelling at you, nothing I write matters a lick. So, argue away.