Welcome back, Rip Hamilton


Last week, Rip Hamilton was deactivated. Most thought he’d never play again in a Pistons uniform. I certainly never thought he’d play again in a Pistons uniform. Most, and I, were wrong.

In our defense, however, we weren’t the only ones surprised by Hamilton’s on-court appearance. Hamilton himself was shocked he was going in. From the Detroit Free Press:

“It was kinda like ‘Is this a joke? Is somebody playing a joke on me?’ ” Hamilton said. “I thought it was a joke. I had no idea. No idea. Just yesterday I was inactive.

“I thought that was sign that it was my last time ever playing in a Pistons uniform.”

via Detroit 89, Milwaukee 78: Richard Hamilton plays for first time since Jan. 10 | Detroit Free Press | freep.com.

The Freep also reports that Hamilton rolled his eyes when Kuester told him to come in, so it’s not like everything’s all peachy keen. Hamilton did score 15 points when he came in, so it’s not like he’s lost a huge step. This isn’t Allen Iverson or Tracy McGrady here. The guy can still do what he does.

The only question is whether this was a showcase for trade value or the start of mending fences. And I don’t think anyone sees a hammer or nails in Kuester’s hand.