Another Blazer big man was injured. We’re out of jokes.


There shouldn’t be anyway this is true, but sadly, for Blazer fans, it is.  In the course of sending the Cavaliers to the worst single-season losing streak in NBA history, Samardo Samuels’ elbow made contact with Blazer center Dante Cunningham’s face. He started bleeding and was taken back to the locker room for examination. He didn’t return. Later, Cunningham tweeted the following photo, along with a reference to a “broken face.” . Warning: It ain’t pretty.


via Twitter



The good news? It wasn’t his knee, which would have made it the sixth knee injury for Portland this season. However, here is the complete list of Blazers who have played center and have missed time due to injury this year: Joel Przybilla, Marcus Camby, Greg Oden, Jeff Pendergraph, Dante Cunningham. Six guys, missed at least some time, most of them significant.

This is getting ridiculous.

No, wait, we passed ridiculous a long time ago and now we’re in that town that is offended because Ridiculous isn’t nearly as ridiculous as it is.