J.R. Smith tagged with punishment for an on-court offense. Huh. Something new every day.


So when the Jazz played the Nuggets Friday night, Raja Bell decided to bury himself in the cerebral cortex of one J.R. Smith. Granted, it’s not really like that’s the toughest nut to crack. J.R. can shoot the rock, but he leaks crazy out of his head like a fire hydrant. So once Bell got into it, and the Jazz started winning, it was really only a matter of time until this happened:


Fun times.

So the league isn’t really down with that kind of geyser of crazy. So they dished out a $25,000 fine to Smith to try and put a cork in that crazy spill. It’s similar to what BP used to stop the oil spill. (That is not what is called a true statement.)

Smith’s played pretty well for the Nuggets who are still, miraculously, in the playoffs, despite the distraction of Carmelo Anthony’s situation.  But Smith has always been this kind of a dynamite stick, which is why Warkentian and Chapman were close to trading him before they were booted. This one incident doesn’t prove anything and it doesn’t take away from his considerable value. But it does serve as a reminder.

Smith is not the calm, cool, collected assassin off the bench, and you can get into his head.