PBT Thursday morning one liners


The Dwight Howard technical count is at 13 heading into tonight’s game against the Heat. When he gets to 16 (and it is when) he gets a fine and a one-game suspension, then gets a game suspension for every other tech after that.

How Joy Division songs explain the All-Star starters.

Don’t be surprised if you see more of Andre Iguodala as a point forward in the Sixers offense. Doug Collins likes versatility.

The Auburn coach thinks the NBA is going to do away with the age limit.

What the Hawks front office thinks of the team vs. reality.

An interesting Q&A with Ron Artest where he talks Phil Jackson and mental health. Not at the same time.

Remembering the 1999 Knicks. Fondly.

The Thunder are not an elite team right now, and their defense is the reason. They need someone to defend the rim, so says one report. One that’s spot on.

I have a nominee for craziest college hoops fan.

Pretty funny comic about mid-season medical issues around the league.

The last time the Bucks won in Phoenix? 1987. And that streak continues after last night.

Evan Turner, the No. 2 pick overall, didn’t get named to the team for the Rookie Challenge game All-Star weekend. He’s good with that.

Former Clipper, Rocket and Maverick Steve Novak is now in the D-League.

Keyon Dooling was battling food poisoning during the Bucks loss Wednesday.