Massive Midwest snowstorm strands Celtics in Sacramento


UPDATE Feb. 2, 3:16 am: It’s official, they are stuck and spending an extra night in Sacramento. They will try to get home Wednesday.

“We would have preferred to go further East, just so we can get closer to our time zone,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. “At the end of the day, we just need rest. So I told them let’s just stay.”

Feb. 1, 10:57 pm: Every time an NBA team heads out West on a road trip, they beg the team managers to spend an extra night in Sacramento. Forget Los Angeles or San Francisco, any time they can spend an extra night in the vacant-at-night downtown or out on the quiet delta, NBA players are down for it.

So you know the Celtics must be thrilled that the massive snowstorm racking much of the Midwest may leave them stranded an extra night in Sacramento as they cannot get back to Boston. That’s what Doc Rivers said was likely to happen before the Celtics took on the Kings Tuesday night.

Team officials were looking into flying partway back, spending the night and then flying the rest of the way Wednesday. But really, even if it’s Sacramento wouldn’t you rather spend a full night getting some rest (and a full night’s sleep) then just deal with the travel nightmare the next day?

The Celtics are off until Friday, when they face Dallas at home.